DOS Coprozessor Karte von HP

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Spender:      Unbekannt 

Datum:         2.11.2021

Objekt:         DOS Coprozessor Karte von HP

Baujahr:       ca. 1986

Masse:          170mm/140mm/5mm (B/T/H)

Gewicht:       230g



Dieses Fundstueck ist eine DIO-Karte aus einem Hewlett Packard 9000/380.

Auf ihr ist eine 80286 CPU verbaut. Ein Sockel fuer einen optionalen 80287 Coprozessor ist ebenfalls vorhanden.

Die 98286A ist eine DIO-Karte die DOS Funktionaltaet fuer die 300er Serie von HP bereitstellt. Dazu wird die Software 98531A unter HP-UX benoetigt.

Info aus:

The 300 Series was a fully-modular family of technical computers. All components came in separate boxes with separate power supplies. These components included: system units, disc drives, tape drives, monitors, input and output devices. The industrial design of the the 300 series was very functional and very elegant, and has not been appreciably improved upon to this day. Although functional and aesthetic winners, these products do not make ideal museum displays because they all look the same (many of the system units are not even differentiated by a different part or model identifier on the front of the machine). The 300 Series was based on the Motorola 680X0 family of CPUs beginning with the model 310sporting a 68010. The primary operating environment of 300 Series computers was HP-UX. Many languages were offered including BASIC, Pascal, HPL, C and FORTRAN. Bundled versions of the Series 300 were available based on the graphics configuration of particular machines. The bundled options were: entry level monochrome (M), high-performance monochrome (MH), mid-range color (C+), high-performance color (CH), Accelerated color (CHX), entry-level 3D (SRX) and high-performance 3D (TurboSRX).

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